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Jonah Epps- Owner and Lead Cinematographer

Jonah Epps- Owner and Lead Cinematographer

Every Detail.

There is something amazing about how a wedding film can make you feel something...The music, mixed with the footage and moments of the day. This is why we make wedding films. This is what we love.

From the booking process, pre-planning , shooting, and editing, we keep your story as the center focus. We strive on beautifully capturing the emotions that make your story unique.

We will meet with you before your wedding to talk about every detail, from big to small. We want to know what matters most to you.

We love to create outstanding wedding films, but not at the expense of your guests. We always try to be discrete at the ceremony and reception, while still capturing amazing footage.

Okay, enough about us...please contact us today if you would like to tell us more about you!